Lebanese Singer

Jana’s professional career took off after winning the silver award in the amateur program “Studio El Fan” broadcasted on MTV Lebanon in 2010.
The following year, she sang one of her own compositions “Habibit Habibi” as a guest star in “Studio El Fan”.
She inherited a sincere devotion for Music and Poetry from her father, Maroun Rouhana, the famous poet and lyricist. Jana indulged in the Music world at a very young age, meeting several famous singers who collaborated with her father. By doing this, she discovered her passion for music and decided to pursue her dream, alongside her degree in Theatrical arts at the Fine Arts Institute of the Lebanese University.
In 2011, Jana signed agreements with the record label “Watary” and the artist management company, “Music Is My Life”.
Later on, in 2012, she released her first music video, “Bent Min Al Charii”. With its controversial title, the music video was a hit and had taken up most media covers.
In June 2013