Dj Motiv8

International Dj

Monroe Walker best known as DJ Motiv8 original DJ of the Black Eyed Peas. He started djng in 1985. Later in 1990 he went on to learning producing in pop culture in the Philippines. Almost a year later he met Will.I.Am which became Motiv8′s first project for hip hop. He and Will.I.Am had a production called Black Eyed Peas. After several demos that Motiv8 and Will.I.Am produced the group Atban Klann now called Black Eyed Peas were signed to Ruthless Records.
In 2003 Motiv8 dj’d outside the Black Eyed Peas band. He has done many shows around the world including Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia and Asia.
Today in 2014 Motiv8 is currently working on his album along a soundtrack for an upcoming movie cartoon. Still, touring around the world djing electro & hip hop.
DJ Motiv8 is one of the greatest Djs in the world”- Wil.i.Am (BEP)