Dj Lutique

Ukrainian Dj

Lutique – now it’s not only the DJ’s nick anymore. It’s the Ukrainian brand! It’s fresh and it’s trendy, with its very own style. Undoubtedly, he is a brilliant musician, composer, and house music producer, doing everything to perfect his favorite business! As a producer, Lutique has long ago stepped beyond Ukraine’s borders, as a part of releases of Europe’s famous “Mocalacho”, “Houseworks”, “Egoiste”, “Milk & Sugar”, “D-Tracks Recordings”, “Muve Recordings” and “TBA Recordings” labels. He produces tracks of his own, does mixes on other producers’ and fellow- country popstars’ hits. He also stars in their music videos and shoots his own, breaking stereotypes about the unpopularity of club music on Ukrainian TV. As a DJ, he’s a part of the Kiev’s noisiest parties, as well as in the other cities of Ukraine and more places abroad. He’s a producer and a host of a popular Kiss FM Ukraine radio mix show PREVIEW. A huge fan of House music, he mixes Vocal-, Progressive-, Tech- House with astonishing acappellas. He easily ignites the public with the positive energy of dance rhythms. He’s not familiar with any boundaries and limits, no matter the kind of people gathered on a dancefloor! He pays due respect to any person, with perfect timing for the right track to make the right atmosphere! Lutique never stops halfway, ready to conquer new horizons of the world of music, perfecting his DJ technique and producing skills. He’s all into it to see the smiles and waving hands on a dancefloor, again and again.