Tuğba Özerk

Turkish Singer

Her first TV show was again in 1992 with Sezen Aksu at TRT. In addition to his back vocals, this program also attracted a great deal of public interest in singing a solo song. It can be said that the stage and music life of Tuğba Autonomy, which was lanced as a great talent, literally started like this. After school life, artists who moved to Istanbul made vocal back vocals with artists such as Aegean, Deniz Seki. He then started his solo stage studies and released his first solo album “Yesterday Like” in December 2002. He was on the list for a long time on the radio with his song “Love Wound”. The artist caught the opportunity to show his acting direction with the albums, and he played for a year in the series “That Will Be” with the long-aired broadcast of ATV. On his first album, one of his composers, Özer, also wrote many compositions in the space of three years. On July 6, 2005 he released his second solo album ‘Lo Lo Lo’. He wrote many compositions in the space of two years, one of his compositions on his second album.