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“Serebro” (Серебро; English translation Silver) is a three-piece Russian girl group formed by their manager and producer Maxim Fadeev.
The group consists members Anastasia Karpova (who replaced original member Marina Lizorkina), Olga Seryabkina and Elena Temnikova.
Serebro was formed in 2007 as a submitted proposal for consideration by Channel One Russia for the Eurovision Song Contest 2007.
Serebro was selected to represent Russia at the 2007 Contest with the song “Song #1”, where they placed 3rd, scoring 207 points. They
were then officially signed to Fadeev’s record label Monolit Records, and in 2012, they had additional releases from Sony Music
Entertainment and Ego Music. During 2009, member Marina Lizorkina had announced her departure from the group, and she was replaced
by Anastasia Karpova.With Lizorkina at the time, the group spawned their debut studio album OpiumRoz. The album received critical
acclaim from critics, which spawned other singles along with “Song Number One”, but lacked commercial attention. Their second record
Mama Lover proved to be successful, spanning the top hit with the same name and was certified double platinum in their native Russia.
After the success of “Mama Lover”, the group started to receive commercial attention around the world. The group re-released Mama Lover
in Japan (under the name Serebration) in Japan after signing a contract with EMI Music. “Mama Lover” also received media attention
worldwide, with them commenting on the raunchy-received music video and the song itself, and to date, the song has received more than
20 million views on Youtube and having more than 250 parodies performed.After their musical and image development, the group became
known for a very sexual and raunchy influenced style.

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Instagram :985.000
Twitter : 38.800
Youtube Views : 370 million

Total Social Media : 1.836.000

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