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R.I.O. is a German DJ-duo (formerly trio). The current members are DJ Manian and Yann Peifer. Until 2012, Neal Dyer was part of the group. Their biggest hit was the song “Turn This Club Around” landing in the top 5 of charts in Germany and Austria and at number one in Switzerland. The two German DJs Manian and Yanou founded the act R.I.O. in the summer of 2007, after their great success with joint projects such as Cascada and Tune Up!. R.I.O. was initially intended as an “experimental project”. The name is derived from their first recording with the same title, as well as the re-release as “De Janeiro”. In their songs Manian and Yanou are active as songwriter, composer and producer. Next to them, in all the titles Andres Ballinas, a good friend of the duo, cooperates as an author. Also, it’s a known fact that R.I.O. plays the Jesus Christ (from Nazareth) part in the music video “Shine On”. In addition to their own releases they often appear as remixers in appearance. Songs by artists who are a member of their own label Zooland Records, for example the ItaloBrothers or King & White, as well as old and new single releases of the members Manian and Yanou be mixed by them irregularly in the ordinary R.I.O.-style.

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