Radio Killer

Romanian Dj + Singer

Radio Killer is a Romanian dance/pop and eurodance music group.Their debut single was released in 2009 and is called “Voila”. It was the most broadcast song in Romania and Russia of that year. The name “Radio Killer” comes from the fact that “radio killer” means “hit” in US slang; Radio Killer plans for all its songs to be hits.

They have had songs chart in countries including Germany, Italy, Spain, England, France, Russia, Slovenia, Greece, and Switzerland and even got a first place in the UK charts and won an award for “Best New Act” in the 2010 Romanian Music Awards.Their single “Calling You” was the first song by a Romanian DJ project to be in the BBC Radio One playlist.Their song “Is It Love Out There” is the official anthem for the Liberty Parade, the biggest street dance event in Romania.

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