Miyagi & Endshpil

Azamat Kudzaev (better known under the pseudonym MIYAGI, also Shau) was born on December 13, 1990. His birthplace is Vladikavkaz, and the current city of residence is St. Petersburg. I took my pseudonym in honor of Mr. Miyagi, martial artist, who coached the protagonist in the film “Kid-karate”.

The father is a well-known surgeon, head of the Center for Orthopedics and Aesthetic Surgery of North Ossetia. Apparently, the father wanted Azamat to follow in his footsteps. MiyaGi graduated from the medical academy, but did not want to work as a doctor. According to the rapper, he operated well and could make a name for himself if he went to traumatology or plastic surgery. There were even cases where education helped save a person’s life.

From a recent interview, MiyaGi said that he himself was on the verge of … When at seven years of his own stupidity fell under the tram.

Without any information on the network, it’s hard to say when MiyaGi started rapping. Nevertheless, the first mention of his group VKontakte (MIYAGI | OFFICIAL PUBLIC PAGE |), where you can find all the latest news from MiyaG, was made on July 12, 2011.

Biography MiyaGi has become interested in people since 2015 and with each month is gaining popularity. It should also be said that the first searches for “miyagi rapper” began to appear only in May 2016!
At the beginning the rapper answered the questions to his fans, but quickly it ended. Of the multiple answers you can only find out that in 2013 the rapper was not married.According to the public version of NR in VK, the work of MiyaGi and rapper Endshpil are among the top 9 best albums of 2016. By the way, Endgame is also a rapper from Vladikavkaz and besides, he works well with Miyagi. I also advise you to consult the article of Endgame Biography.

Most recently, we published news, where foreigners listen to music. One of the suggested clips for evaluation was the MiyaGi clip – House, which foreign rap artists rated at 5 out of 5.