Mc Doni

Russian Singer

Actor Born: December 18, 1985 Tashkent, Uzbekistan Russian rap and R & B-singer, aka MC Doni. Dostonbek Islamov was born in Tashkent, childhood and adolescence spent in Fergana, and then moved to Moscow. Since 2014 MC Doni – Artist of the Russian independent record label Black Star Inc., the founder and owner is a hip-hop artist and producer Timur Yunusov (Timati). In the same year Dhoni became the resident of the Moscow club “Garage”. Also in 2014, MC Doni came a success thanks to the clip for the song “Beard”, which along with Dhoni starred Timothy and other rappers label Black Star Inc. In December 2014 the premiere of the short film “capsule”, set Egor Abramenko Timothy scenario, in which participated in the shooting and MC Doni. In 2014, MC Doni won the title of “Best Club MC of the Year”. About how became acquainted with Timothy, Dhoni said: “I worked the MC Moscow clubs, one of them often rested former label artists, we often see. One day they called me and said they wanted to invite the team. At the meeting, we talked about abstract personal topics, and all, so I started to work. Timothy is a very kind, two years of it, I have not heard any negative and did not see. The work, of course, there are all sorts of nuances that work is work and outside of work, we are good friends. ” In 2015, another track MC Doni – «You’re so …”, recorded a duet with pop singer Natalie, and a clip on it, repeated the success of the “beard”. Dhoni played sports, was a boxer, and the beginning of a career in show business did not leave a workout, though, of course, they became less intense. During the time that Islam is a rap performer, he was succeeded by several aliases – MC Doni, Doni Topor, D. Black.