Dj Vicky Sky

Ukrainian Dj

Dj expierence is 8 years. She worked as dj resident in Ukraine, partisipated in organization of different parties, had tour in diferrent cities of Ukraine and in many countries abroad. Such as Poland, Azerbaijan, Egypt, Mauritius, China, Thailand, Mongolia, Russia. She played on one of biggest festival in Ukraine – Global Gathering. Also In Ideologia Festival, Summer Beats festival. Her mixes sounded on the best radiostation of Ukraine – Kiss Fm many times. She play in next music styles: EDM, diffferent kinds of House, Deep, Commercial Music, Trap. But her favourite styles are Drum and Bass and Dubstep. she has my own Tv show on online music channel PLAY TV. This show only for girls talents – Djs, singers, dancers, musicians.

Total Social Media :940