Anna Khilkevich

Russian Dj /Actress

Anna Khilkevich (born October 15, 1986, Leningrad.) – Russian Dj / actress of film and television.

Best known for his role of Masha Belova in a comedy television series’ Univer. The new hostel. ”
Khil’kevich Anna was born October 15, 1986 in the family of Tatiana and Alexander Vasilyevich Andreevny Khil’kevich.

She graduated from the drama school number 232 at the Theater School. Shchepkina , Plekhanov Russian University of Economics with honors, as well as the Higher Theatre School. Shchukin (course leader was V. Ivanov) . Star in a movie with 17 years.

A shot for the cover of the Russian edition of men’s magazine «MAXIM» December 2011  and for Playboy in December 2013.

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