Romanian Singer

Amira, whose real name is Amira Bugheata Florentina is the new sensation of the music industry in Romania. 23 years young, born in Bucharest discovered his talent in music at the tender age of 3 years, the family is encouraged to develop their skills, singing at various events. Amira broke the ice in 2015 through his collaborations with Lidia Buble “I told guys” but “Last night I got Basma” with UDDI, and in 2016 appeared with Adrian Sina on the song “Push” on the new Akcent album. The songs were hugely successful, maintaining the top sites and radio preferences fans months in a row.

In her debut song “Lonely” launched in summer 2016 Amira shows her feelings with the help of emotional lyrics and this combination teleports listeners in a special frame.

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