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  • August 10 , 2020
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Social Media

Social media networks reach an estimated 66% of Americans, and nearly 90% of U.S. residents between ages 18-29. Social media usage has grown 356% since 2006. The rise of digital networking has fundamentally changed the way consumers connect with brands and discover solutions to their needs.

That being said, we like to think of social media as just a new forum for conversations. Conversations define what it means to be a human, and recommendations from friends and neighbors still have a real influence over purchase decisions. We’re expert coaches at teaching you to gain exposure and build community through these modern channels for dialogue.

Create, Publish, and Monitor:
Social media is the way modern brands connect with consumers, offer value, and build lasting relationships. Your market views their Facebook newsfeed and Twitter stream as valuable sources for current events, trends, and brands. Making social media a valuable part of your inbound marketing strategy can impact your business in big ways by helping you do the following:

  • Understand your clients through social media research and monitoring
  • Manage your brand reputation and customer service
  • Expand your reach and influence
  • Develop lasting relationships with your biggest fans
  • Share news and announcements instantly

How We Can Help:
Our Cort Social Marketing Agents are social media geeks off the clock, too. We blend our personal experience and expertise with the latest data and constant research on best practices. We love helping companies grow through the following techniques:

  • Social Media Strategy and Policy Developments
  • Analytics, Reporting, and Continual Improvement
  • Managing Your Business Accounts and Training Your Employees
  • Monitoring and Engagement Recommendations
  • Integrating Social Media With Your Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Did you know 96% of first-time visitors to your company website aren’t ready to make a purchase? Content marketing is the differentiating factor in whether you can capture those leads for a future sale. It’s a means to provide value to your website visitors, so when they’re ready to make the purchase, you’re at the top of their minds.

Your content needs to be fresh, too. Google and other search engines are continually adapting their algorithms to promote the newest and most quality content. In our current era of SEO, mediocre doesn’t cut it. You need to blog well, and often.

Every part of your inbound marketing should be driven by content.

Here are the benefits of putting value-driven content in the center of your strategy:

  • Optimally Position Your Website in Search and Social Media
  • Engage Your Audience and Build Long-Term Relationships
  • Capture Leads and Nurture Them Through the Sales Funnel
  • Define the Differentiating Factors of Your Growing Brand
  • Develop Thought Leadership and Become a Known Expert in Your Field

Our content marketing experts can help you capitalize on your potential clients’ need for fresh and valuable content by developing a strategy or providing long-term solutions.

Here are our specialties:

Content strategy, calendars, and keyword research.
Copywriting—blog content, press releases, websites, and more.
Campaign Development – eBooks, whitepapers, and special offers.
Email Marketing and Lead Nurturing

Do you need a podcast, case study, brochure, or almost anything else covered in words? Not a problem–we do those, too.

It’s What We Do

Cort Marketing Agent’s Content Creation team are more than just skilled copywriters, technical writers, and editors. They’re certified inbound marketing specialists who understand the big picture and how to get you there, one piece of content at a time. We can:

Write to your real-life clients, in their language

  • Communicate the values and unique attributes of your brand
  • Optimize your content for search engines
  • Motivate visitors to take action by providing value
  • Convert visitors into leads and leads into clients

We’re more than a bunch of word nerds. We’re marketing experts with proven experience speaking to readers in everything from professional journals to product labels.

Cort Marketing Agents Graphic Design

The average consumer forms an opinion about a company’s website in one-twentieth of a second. Visual information is transmitted 60,000 times faster to the brain than text. Your graphic design is the face your brand wears online, and it’s essential to get it right. Consider the following benefits of effective visual communications:

It Demands Attention: The average website visit is currently around 20 seconds. The right visual corporate identity can lower your website’s bounce rate and capture hearts.

It Creates Recall: When you see bright red and yellow, you think McDonald’s or Shell. Deep green is Starbucks. Your company’s graphic design should evoke instantaneous recall in the minds of your prospects and customers.

It Communicates Values: While associations can vary between cultures, studies have indicated that color and shape can both evoke distinct emotions in viewers. Graphics can communicate your company’s values, corporate culture, and mission.

Our Design Specialties
It can be challenging for businesses to translate their vision and values into effective graphics for websites, campaigns, and branding. While our staff designers have experience in everything from simple infographics to complex websites, here are a few areas where we really flourish:

Corporate Identity: From your initial logo design to social icons and beyond, we can incorporate your organization’s unique mission, values, and branding into distinctive visual elements.

CTA Design: While A/B testing is the most effective way to determine the call-to-action buttons that resonate best among your audience, vibrant design will elicit a response from your website visitors. We’re well-versed in best practices for CTAs that can’t be ignored.

Campaign Design: Studies have indicated that as many as 81% of consumers would become a lead in exchange for a whitepaper or eBook. Enhancing the text of your content offers with eye-catching visuals can ensure consistent brand messaging.

Infographics: Visual representations of data, facts, and processes have been shown to increase traffic 400%, and leads 4000%. Our designers are experienced in translating your ideas, or the latest research, into unique and custom visuals.

Print Layouts: Even though we really love digital marketing, we’re experienced at other areas, too. From magazine ads to direct mail campaigns, we’ve done it all for our clients in the past.

Web Design Services

Did you know that over 46% of consumers consider web design the No. 1 criteria for determining the credibility of a brand? Simply having a web presence isn’t enough to stand out anymore. Your company needs a website that’s optimized for user experience, and that reflects well on your brand personality. 88% of Americans consider the web their primary tool for product and service research. Is your company’s web presence ready to stand up to the job?

We Speak Code and English
If terms like “wireframe,” “CMS,” and “CSS” make your eyes cross, that’s okay. Our staff web developers are really good at translating geekspeak into English we can all understand. Here are a few areas we can help boost your online image:

Website Development: Just getting ready to build your company’s website? We can help you from the start all the way to finish line on WordPress or HubSpot.
Redesigns: Whether you’re planning a total overhaul, or simply hoping to streamline for faster load time or corporate identity, we’re on it.
Mobile Optimization: Responsive web design has been described as one of the hottest topics in modern marketing. If you ask us, it’s not optional–45% of American adults currently have a mobile-enabled device.
Landing Pages: If you’re hoping to turn your website into a conversion machine, we can provide optimization for user experience, SEO, and build some irresistible landing pages.

Cort Marketing Agents Campaign Building

The concept of a marketing campaign is really nothing new. Companies have successfully focused series of promotions on their products for hundreds of years, and the best campaigns have become an integral part of American culture. Think Burma Shave’s storytelling on road signage, or Steve Job’s famous 1984 commercial for Apple. However, as consumers increasingly abandon television and radio ads, billboards, and direct mail in favor of self-directed research on major search engines, the formats for effective marketing campaigns have fundamentally changed.

81% of consumers would be willing to become a lead for a whitepaper or eBook. There’s no single format that works best for modern consumers, but whitepapers, videos, eBooks, tip sheets, and case studies can successfully draw website visitors into your sales funnel.

We Build Marketing Campaigns
Our marketing team can conceptualize and deliver a marketing campaign from start to finish, or provide support wherever you need it. Here are a few areas where we really shine:

Campaign Writing: Our word nerds have written it all, from one-page checklists to 101-page eBooks that set the industry standard. Prefer a video format? No problem–we produce visual content, too.
Graphic Design: Our graphic artists are specialists in taking your campaign from a boring word document to a visual feast of graphs, charts, and more. In fact, they do it every day.
Webinar Production: From deck design to conferencing software, we’ll support your company’s effort to educate your prospects and clients.
Social Media: We’ll design a social media campaign to support your new eBook, webinar, or other offer.
Landing Pages and Workflows: Behind every marketing campaign is a whole bunch of backend work. From landing pages to thank-you emails to workflows, we’ll ensure you provide your fresh leads with an optimal experience.
Nurturing: We know that a campaign doesn’t end as soon as you email your new offer out to your contacts. We’ll help you nurture your new leads into sales-ready opportunities.

Cort Marketing Agents Video Production

90% of the information transmitted to the human brain is visual, and website viewers spend twice as long on pages with video content. Blog posts with video attract 3 times more inbound links. In fact, video is a critical component of an effective content marketing strategy. Visual content is key to gaining high search rankings and capturing the attention of your audience on social media.

Whether you’re hoping to get started small with Vine videos, or jump straight into a branded YouTube channel, the best time to get started is yesterday. 90% of organizations are currently using custom content for marketing, and 79% of the Global Fortune 100 has a presence on YouTube.

We Produce Videos
Our content marketers understand that your blog and social media presence can reach a wider audience with the help of video, which is why we’re ready to help you communicate your message in a wide variety of formats. Here’s a sampling of the ways we can help:

Branded YouTube Channel Creation: 85% of the U.S. population watches videos online. We can enhance the corporate identity of your current YouTube presence, or build a branded channel from the ground up.

Video Offers and Testimonials: Visual content is a powerful way to communicate messages, humanize your brand, or showcase your company’s best spokespeople: your customers. We’ll edit your content to capture the most attention possible.

Whiteboard Drawings and Presentation Content: There are an abundance of ways to connect with your audience through video, and we’re more than happy to help you pick and implement different formats

Cort Marketing Agents Business Consulting

Only 50% of brands survive their first 5 years in business. Whether you’re just sitting down to write a business plan or weighing the benefits of expansion, the right consultant can provide a 360 degree view of what your options and risks are.

Why We’re Different
Our senior management team has over 4 years of experience successfully managing 3 bootstrapped startups. We’ve built companies from the ground up in the transportation, hospitality, technology, and marketing fields. We have applied experience in every C-level role you’ve ever heard of, and then some.

Most importantly, we take a no-jargon, no-snake-oil approach to helping our clients grow their businesses, identify their strengths, and attack their weaknesses. Here is a select sampling of the areas where we really shine:

New Market Expansion: We analyze the risks and benefits of possible expansion and make recommendations for a strategy.
Competitive Analysis: There are no secrets in the age of the Internet. Your customers and prospects know who your competition is, but do you?

Sales and Marketing: Whether you’re looking to implement better CRM or marketing automation solutions, or establish a service level agreement (SLA) among your frontline staff, we’ve got the tools and knowledge to provide recommendations on training and a plan for action.

Talent Acquisition and Retention: It’s harder than ever to hold onto stars with skill sets that make a difference. We can improve your interview experience, and analyze your corporate culture.

Product Launches: We’ll assist in getting you the publicity and attention your launch needs.

Process Analysis: We can ensure you’re maximizing your people and optimizing tools and technology for your organization.
Before we make recommendations, we take the time to understand your policies, procedures, beliefs, and vision to ensure we know where any breakdowns have occurred.