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  • April 10 , 2020
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Cort Artists International Management is a talent agency that specializes in booking live performances around the world for our clients consisting of various international recording artists. Artist International Management is instrumental in giving promoters all the assistance they can to make a date successful. We welcome you to our site and should you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

We are very familiar with and have successfully assisted clients in the Russia, Turkey and Middle East industry in the past with such events as Samozaen Concerts, La Dolce Vita Desert Party’s and Taj Mahal Venue. We are sure if you have a vision for the next Event in Egypt and we can help you improve in many ways, specifically:
Pre-Event planning and budgeting
Artist Booking
Online Ticket Sales
Physical set up of Event area
Welcoming Event attendees
Preparing and distributing Event materials
Food/beverage preparation
Artist accommodations
Post-Event analysis